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Adalog Components

Adalog is pleased to offer utilities, Ada components and Adapplets. They can be freely used and modified for any purpose, under the GMGPL license. This means that you are not only free to use them, but also to reuse any parts of them in your free or propriatory applications.



Another ASIS-based application to control various style or programming rules in your Ada programs. Given the growing importance and success of AdaControl, it has now its own page; for more information, click here.


An ASIS-based application to help you understand what uses what in your projects; very useful in reorganizing packages. AdaDep tells, for each package used by a module, which elements from the package are actually used.

Note: Executable distributions work only with the latest public distribution of GNAT. If you are using a different version, please download the source version and recompile.


An ASIS-based applications to help you reorganize your projects. AdaSubst performs semantic substitutions, i.e. substitutions that take Ada rules into account. With AdaSubst, you can change an identifier, or move elements from a package to another one, and change automatically all previous modules to account for the change. AdaSubst also offers functions for removing use clauses (and fixing all identifiers accordingly) and removing representation clauses.

Note: Executable distributions work only with the latest public distribution of GNAT. If you are using a different version, please download the source version and recompile.

Source distribution Linux executable distribution Windows executable distribution macOS executable distribution


This utility reads an Ada source text and rewrites it after eliminating all unnecessary spacing and comments, and changing everything (except character litterals and strings) to upper-case.

Goal: it permits comparison of Ada source files that ignores presentation changes.


This small utility is helpful to Tash programmers. It automatically includes a Tcl script file as a properly formated string into an Ada program.

Ada components

These components are also available from GitHub.


This package facilitates handling of files containing data formated as CSV. The documentation is in the package specification.


This package allows you to access common features of the underlying operating system, like copying files, querying the list of files in a directory, querying or changing the current directory, etc. A full documentation is available.


This package provides a kind of evolved semaphore, as well as utilities for protecting a procedure call from abortion. A full documentation is available.


This package provides a stream that writes data of any type at any memory address. Quite convenient for writing low-level interfaces. See documentation in the package specification.


This package is an aid to debugging, by allowing traces of execution path. It is especially useful when used with multi-task programs, since traces from different tasks are handled separately. A full documentation is available.

Note: This package used to be called "Debug", but we renamed it to avoid clashes with too many packages called Debug elsewhere...


This package manages variable length strings. It is handy for storing and manipulating simple strings; an input-output package is provided as a child. A full documentation is available.

That's all for now, but more is to come. Stay tuned, come and visit us every now and then !