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The Ada CD-ROM

The Ada CD-ROM

Ada and Software Engineering Library Version 2

Walnut-Creek, who used to distribute this CD-Rom pack, has been bought by BSDi, who was itself taken over by Wind-River, who decided to stop the CD activity. It is therefore no more possible to get these CD-Roms, which featured an impressive number of Ada ressources, and other useful stuff in the Software Engineering field. Fortunately, Ada-Belgium has opened a web site where you can find the images of the CDs, among many other things:

  • The latest version (at the time...) of all free compilers.
  • The whole PAL (Public Ada Library), which can also be accessed from its main site as well as some mirrors.
  • Reference manuals (in Postscript, HTML, Windows help files), the "Ada quality and style" manual, and many other documents.
  • bindings to the main standards
  • Tutorials
  • ... and much more.

This amounts to 2,1 Gb, but most of the files are compressed!


The Brighton University Resource Kit for Students is a set of 4 CDs (or one DVD) including compilers for various languages (including Ada of course), a distribution of Linux (Mandrake), and a lot of other stuff. The goal is to provide all the necessary resources for students for a very small fee; it can only be redistributed in non-profit mode.

It is possible to access the content directly, or to order the CD on line.