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An Industrial Approach for Software Design

HOOD book

Edited by: HOOD User Group, J-P. Rosen
232 pages, ISBN 2-9600151-0-X

This book is intended to present and explain the HOOD design method, and how it matches the constraints of industrial software development.

The book is written in an easy-to-read style, and is a main reference not only to HOOD developers, but also to project managers who want an easy introduction to HOOD in order to evaluate the method that best fits a given project. By encompassing all aspects of industrial software development, it is also invaluable to students and engineers who want to learn about software engineering as applied to large scale projects.

The HOOD book is now out of print. However, Adalog can provide a PDF version (for free) on a case by case basis. Please send a request to rosen@adalog.fr.

About the author

J-P. Rosen is a consultant and experienced teacher in HOOD, object oriented methodologies and Ada. The book has been developed under the close supervision of the HOOD Technical Group which is in charge of the maintenance of HOOD.

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