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Compilers and other tools available for fee


Several companies offer compilers for sale, for various Host/Target combinations:

Hosts: Targets. Same as the hosts, plus:
SPARC/Solaris, HP9000/HP-UX, RS6000/AIX, IBM390/MVS,       Intelx86/Win-NT/9X, SGI/IRIX, Concurrent/PowerMAX, Intelx86/Linux, Intelx86/OS/2, PowerMAC/Tenon, VAX/VMS, Alpha/Open-VMS,       Intelx86/DOS, Alpha/DEC-Unix, Siemens-Nixdorf RM200/SINIX Java machine, .Net

PowerPC/VxWorks, PowerPC/Raven, Intelx86/PharLapETS, PowerPC/Integrity, HP7xx/HP-RT, MIPS/VxWorks, RAD6000/VxWorks,    68K/VxWorks, X86/VxWorks, ADI-21020/Bare, i960/HAOS,  PowerPC/LynxOS, ADI-SHARC/Virtuoso, IBM390/CICS, Nighthawk 6800, ARM, AVR

There are also compilers that generate Ansi C code, thus making Ada available on any system that provides a C compiler.


In addition, the following companies provide compilers for their own hardware only:

Other tools

Many companies offer tools related to Ada. Here are some examples (this list is certainly incomplete...)